Leaping Horses


A while back I stopped in Camden, S.C. to visit the Steeplechase Museum to take a look at the site where a statue of the Eclipse winner Flatterer will be installed. I met with the museum director and toured the museum. We went over their ideas for the portrait and Flatterer’s impressive history. I got some pretty emphatic direction on what they didn’t want in the bronze portrait. I’m game for making everyone happy so got their concerns. I left with a stack of images, a book about Flatterer and a promise to work up some images for their review. These projects take a lot of lead time so I typically try to get some sketches down on paper as soon as I can. And when other statues are on my modeling stand I have to wait on foam to set up for the next application. So, I draw. Or fidget.


I usually sketch in the mornings though. I’m fresh, the ideas have been boiling up in my mind before my first cup of coffee so I’m ready and my pen gets going. Here’s one of my quick morning sketches. I like the idea of the tack on him, makes sense to me since he’s a using horse and not just a stallion in repose in a courtyard or mare and foal gracing a field. So I’m off to the races on leaping horses . . .