Foam to Foam

I placed my clay maquette of the horse near my foam form for reference and measurements. I’ve taken the rider off the horse so I can concentrate on building the horse first; build the house first and once it’s done, the cupola goes on top. This is to avoid having to raise the rider at all once I put the saddle on the horse.


I score the foam pieces and break them along the scored line to make small chunks. They don’t have to be exact, I’m just looking for volume. I apply hot glue and place them on the model. These chunks of foam will allow the spray foam to stick to them and fill all the crevices and flesh out the model. I drive a bamboo skewer into the pieces to hold them to the form. So it’s foam to foam with my hot glue gun and bamboo skewers.


I have eight foot ceilings so I will make the neck and head of the horse removable and the rider once she’s sculpted. My sculpting table raises and lowers so I can drop him down while working on the head and neck and the rider. Right now I have the body of the horse at the height he would be at his wither, nearly 17 hands tall. I have to make the model slightly larger so I can compensate for the shrink of the bronze when it’s cast.

Tomorrow I will put more pieces along his shoulder blades and across his chest. And cut out the area between his front legs and back legs.

Foam on . . .