Going to the Dogs






Pointer in clay




Dogs. Love sculpting dogs. When I get the chance to put clay on an armature I relish the opportunity to go after a dog. The foxhound in the top photo was created for the Masters of Foxhound Association as gifts to the major donors of the organization. Titled Cross Creek, I put the hound on one front foot. Yes, it’s a gas to push the limits of the materials, bronze of course, but movement is my thing so one foot is down with some splashing water as additional support. I understand the limits and in this life-size piece I didn’t want a bent leg with too much weight cantilevered over the rest of the sculpture.

And the second two images I created a pair of hunting dogs working in the field. The material was a dough like resin I sculpted the pieces with but found it too hard to handle. While it cured to a hard surface it required a Dremel tool to sculpt after it hardened. We ship or hand deliver the clay models to the foundry and I was looking for a material that I could pack and ship without worry of the surface being damaged by touching etc. The fourth image is the both of the pieces in metal, I inspected them for any fixes that needed to be done and then we moved them to the patina room.